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Keep Criminals Away With a Metal Garage

Thinking about buying a metal garage? Now may be the best time. With the warm weather here to stay, you’re soon to see many more people enjoying their time outside. From going to the beach to traveling for vacation, the summer months are a bust but enjoyable time for most. However, there is also one […]
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Garage Fires: Choosing the Right Extinguisher

Picture the perfect Saturday; spending time in your garage, tinkering with your favorite car, and drinking a cold beer. Suddenly, a fire breaks out near a cabinet filled with chemicals and paint cans. You need to act fast, but all you have is half a can of brew and the shirt on your back. It’s […]
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Buy Your Metal Building Before Summer Arrives!

If you’re familiar with our blog, then you’re aware of all the great benefits that a metal building has over a similar wooden structure. Aside from being more affordable and easier to build, they are also maintenance-free and durable enough to stand up to severe weather and decades of abuse. Anytime is a good time […]

New Glass Paint Can Greatly Benefit Metal Buildings

It has been fairly well known that painting your metal buildings with lighter colors may help to conduct temperature in summer and winter. In turn, this allow allows for energy cost reduction by limiting the amount of climate control needed. Also, the American Chemical Society has been conducting experiments in order to produce a “glass […]

3D Printing Metal Structures Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

Elephant Structures has always been on the forefront of metal structure technology with our dedicated team of engineers and building advisors. Our custom metal buildings are second to none in the metal business, and the customization options are nearly endless with a little time and planning. However, a team of scientists at Harvard are doing […]
Custom metal structures from Elephant.

Find Inspiration for Your Own Metal Structures

Take a break from our website to see a comprehensive album of our custom metal structures and gain inspiration for your own project. Every year, hundreds of thousands of American homeowners spend millions of dollars on home repairs, additions, and updates. By investing in their own home, these people are making smart decisions for the future […]
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Let Elephant Structures Help You Design Your Zombie Bug Out Shelter!

Far from you in your slumber they roam the neighborhoods, heaving there hunger-pained cries into the early hours of the morning. You wake up and wipe the sleep from your eyes, nothing in particular pressing on your mind as you make your bed. You walk over to fridge and smile as the light turns on and […]
Buy steel buildings over traditional wood structures.

Garage Fires Provide More Reasons to Buy Steel

When you begin comparing steel to other materials, it doesn’t take very long to come up with some huge differences. Steel is impervious to termites, fire, rot, and fungus and mold growth. Pound for pound, it is much stronger and cheaper than wood. It is easier to recycle and much more sustainable. It allowed cities […]
Commercial metal building extra framing in the process of being constructed

Repairing Your Metal Carport or Garage and What to Know

Metal carports and garages are extremely durable in nature, and can be kept in top shape with little maintenance. We recommend making an inspection and cleaning routine at least once a year with checkups after storms in your area. Storms are the number one perpetrator in damages to metal carports and garages. Debris and high […]
Protect yourself and your car with a winter vehicle emergency kit and one of our metal garages!

Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

As winter arrives, so too does the threat of dangerous and unpredictable weather. Many motorists will choose to stay at home to avoid hazardous roads altogether. Others will brave the treacherous roads and interstates, confident that they can safely navigate the poor conditions. Either way, preparing for the worst and taking every possible precaution can […]