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Yes. Elephant Structures provides custom metal building kits. There are many advantages to DIY metal buildings, including expedited delivery and premium manufacturing options to build just the structure you need. Ask about expedited shipping from Elephant Structures to find the most ideal prices on metal buildings and metal building kits.

Yes. Our experienced building advisors work with each of our customers and our engineers to make unique metal buildings that fit our customers’ needs. Examples are partially closed structures with extended open carport covers, free-standing single slope awning style buildings, carports and garages with single attached lean-tos, and extra-wide buildings. Our new line of industrial strength buildings can span up to 60′ wide without any interior supporting walls. This gives you up to approximately 58′ of useable space on the interior of our structures. Contact a representative today for more details or to discuss custom construction options for your needs.

We at Elephant Structures are industry-leading metal building suppliers. We offer various building styles to meet our customers’ needs and style preferences. These include:

  • Carports
  • Garage Buildings
  • Two Car Garages
  • Three Car Garages
  • Four Car Garages
  • Barns
  • Storage Buildings
  • Commercial Warehouse
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Spaces

Elephant Structures metal buildings are very versatile and can be used for many applications. From automotive vehicle protection to commercial equipment storage, our buildings are strong, long-lasting, and look great on any property. Every unit we produce can be permitted and certified if necessary for construction purposes for your home or business. They can be insulated and fully finished on the interior if you wish to build-out the interior.
We also offer multiple roof styles to create unique appearances to match your tastes and the styles of existing structures on your property. These include:

Regular Roofs: This economical style roof has rounded eaves and can be used on all carports, garages, and barn (2 or 3-bay) buildings.

Boxed Eave Roofs: This is a traditional a-frame style gable construction. These structures look great with existing buildings and are available in both 3:12 and 4:12 pitch. The metal roofing runs horizontally across the roof, or from end to end down the length of the building. Boxed eaves are recommended only up to 32′ long to avoid any seams.

Vertical Roofs: Vertical roofs are like our Boxed Eave Roofs, but the sheet metal paneling runs vertically. Vertical roofs offer superior strength and durability with great weather protection. These roofs allow rain, snow, sleet, and other debris to easily run off the building down the vertical channels created by the metal roofing. This style roof can be extended across a building of any length. Vertical roofs are required for any building over 32′ long to ensure a durable, weather-tight roof for years to come. You could build a structure 99′ long or more, and you’ll achieve the same great protection across the entire building.

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