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How Safe is Your Carport or Metal Garage?

How-To Store Your Property Safely When customers call in to Elephant Structures, the main thing each of them brings up is what they’re storing inside the building. The property within each structure is the main focus at the end of the day. It often comes up in the customization process that customers will opt for a […]
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Which Metal Building Roof Should You Choose: Regular or A-Frame?

The age-old debate. Pepsi or Coke, paper or plastic, Regular or A-frame? We can’t help you with your choice of beverage or the checkout at the local grocery store, but we can help you decide which metal building roof you want. Some of our customers chalk it up to aesthetics, and that’s a fine way to […]
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Tesla Proves Yet Again Electric Cars Are the Future

Tesla has been making waves in the automotive industry for years now and shows no signs of stopping. Just recently Tesla and CEO Elon musk unveiled their latest “Model 3” units. The owners of Tesla’s have nigh on become enthusiasts, and the video below is reminiscent of the late Steve Jobs and Apple’s tech reveals. Fervent […]
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Metal Structures Used to Shelter the Homeless

Metal shelters are found everywhere throughout the states and for good reason. The versatility and adaptability are unparalleled, and the ability to erect a metal structure quickly is arguably one of their most unique and beneficial attributes. In the event of a natural disaster, it’s commonly been the norm to shelter the habitants of the […]
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New Glass Paint Can Greatly Benefit Metal Buildings

It has been fairly well known that painting your metal buildings with lighter colors may help to conduct temperature in summer and winter. In turn, this allow allows for energy cost reduction by limiting the amount of climate control needed. Also, the American Chemical Society has been conducting experiments in order to produce a “glass […]
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3D Printing Metal Structures Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

Elephant Structures has always been on the forefront of metal structure technology with our dedicated team of engineers and building advisors. Our custom metal buildings are second to none in the metal business, and the customization options are nearly endless with a little time and planning. However, a team of scientists at Harvard are doing […]
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Let Elephant Structures Help You Design Your Zombie Bug Out Shelter!

Far from you in your slumber they roam the neighborhoods, heaving there hunger-pained cries into the early hours of the morning. You wake up and wipe the sleep from your eyes, nothing in particular pressing on your mind as you make your bed. You walk over to fridge and smile as the light turns on and […]
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Repairing Your Metal Carport or Garage and What to Know

Metal carports and garages are extremely durable in nature, and can be kept in top shape with little maintenance. We recommend making an inspection and cleaning routine at least once a year with checkups after storms in your area. Storms are the number one perpetrator in damages to metal carports and garages. Debris and high […]
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Nine Benefits to Carports and Owning One

Frank Lloyd Wright really invented carports, but Elephant Structures perfected them. We have the top of the line structures in the business, with more customization options for our building than anything else. Custom carports are quickly becoming the number one solution for extra storage on property in the United States. There are many reasons why, […]
Money is saved buying a used carport in the short term

Which To Choose: Used or New Carports

The carport market is plentiful, and the options are immense. When it comes to purchasing a carport, you have to consider your needs and qualifications above all else. In this regard, Elephant excels. We offer a wide variety of carports with a nearly endless array of customization options for carports, garages, metal storage buildings, and […]