Create custom metal buildings from your couch — that’s the Elephant Structures way. We put the tools in your hands to design your own metal building. Inspect each and every aspect of your ideal steel structure and see your building take shape before your eyes:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Roof Style
  • Roof and Trim Color
  • Frame Size
  • And more!

Elephant Structures began our business with the goal of providing a no-hassle solution for creating and ordering custom metal buildings online. We are an industry leader for not only prefab steel structures but DIY building kits too, so any customer is covered. Don’t wait — design your own carport, garage, barn, or other steel structure with ease today.

Custom Metal Buildings Inside and Out

Want a custom colored building? Looking to design the interior? You can do it all with Elephant Structures. From the outside color to the inner frame, we let you design your own metal building for your exact needs.

Exterior customization –
You have your choice of many different colors with which to color your custom structure. Walls can come in colors ranging from deep reds, bright blues, and natural beiges and tans. Make your building stand out or have it look like a natural part of your landscape — it’s all possible with Elephant Structures.

Choose one of three roof styles — regular, A-frame, or vertical — as well as the trim color to give your structure a custom look from the top down.

Interior alterations – Designing the frames of custom metal buildings is a common request by our customers, and we’re happy to offer that option to you. All our frames are made from eco-friendly 14 gauge steel. Customize your frame to your ideal height, width, and roof length, or even upgrade your frame to 12 gauge steel for a sturdier structure.

We also offer certification for your frame if you require a building permit.

Can I Design My Own Metal Building and Build It Myself?

Of course! At Elephant Structures, customizable metal buildings are what we’re all about. You can access our kit building tools at any time, ensuring that when inspiration strikes, you won’t have to wait long to see the finished product come to life.

Once you order, you will only have to wait for your materials to arrive. And best of all, our prefab metal buildings still come with free delivery, so you can have the satisfaction of building your own custom structure and still get a great value.