Looking to Build a Metal Barn?

Our metal barns are custom-built structures with the high degree of durability you’ve come to expect from Elephant Structures. Built with precision and expertise, our metal barns are quality solutions for your storage and agricultural needs. Horse barns, boat storage, and farm equipment storage are all common applications for our structures. Our metal barns may have many purposes, but they are all strong, versatile, and built with longevity in mind.

Metal Barns to Meet Your Needs

Our team of experts have extensive experience in designing metal buildings in a full range of styles. We are ready to help you design a metal barn that’s perfect for a variety of storage uses, including horse barns, workshops, and auto repair garages. We use an easy, step-by-step process to get you the metal barn you need. We’ll guide you through the process of designing a barn with half-walls, gables, garage, walk-in doors, windows, and more. Design large or small horse barns, workshops, or even hay storage areas with the dimensions you determine are the best for your needs. We offer expert installation on all metal barns for sale, ensuring a long-lasting life for your structure. This means you get a 100% custom barn built with precise engineering and experienced barn installers.

Metal Barn Uses And Versatility

Versatile construction means our barns are perfectly suited to whatever you need. Some popular uses for our barns include:

Barn Uses

  • Horse barn.
  • Picnic Area with picnic tables or a playing space for kids.
  • RV parking with ample storage space or additional parking spaces under the lean-tos.
  • Covered gathering area for picnics or play.
  • A wealth of storage space for your home, lawn, and farm equipment. Enclose your barn for additional protection against weather and damage.
  • Boat storage, for when you’re ready to “seas” the day. Store it during boating season or during the winter!
  • Hay storage barn.
  • Workshop or covered work area.
  • Storage for your lawn and farm equipment.

Barn Durability

Our barns are designed for long-lasting durability. Each of our barn designs offers year-long protection against sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail. A durable barn means your storage is protected against theft, vandalism, and other damaging elements. This is because we only use the highest-quality components, built from the finest steel. Protect your storage and save money on costly repairs and replacements for lost or damaged items. When our metal barn builders arrive, you’ll gain access to the top steel building supplier in the nation. Affordability, along with custom construction and top-of-the-line components, means you’re taking part in a timeless tradition of steel barn durability and unmatched building excellence.

Pre-Engineered Metal Barn Design Options

Custom Barn Options

When you speak to a barn expert or design with our online barn builder, you have a number of customization options at your fingertips. We have a variety of attractive colors available, as well as an optional 12 gauge frame for a more rugged structure. You may choose to have your building certified, if required, and determine the length, width, and height of your metal barn. Finally, wall placement! Outer walls can span the entire width of the structure, or you may choose only to enclose your lean-tos. Gables provide additional protection for open ends, and doors and windows increase the accessibility and functionality of your metal barn. You deserve a barn with the perfect design, so it can best serve you. With so many barn design options, your dream barn is well within reach!

Three Barn Styles:

  • County Style barns are built with our regular roof and feature horizontal panels—our most economical design!
  • Ridgeline Style barns are a powerful design, built for ruggedness. This barn option has the appearance of traditional barns, using our angled roof style for a powerful presence.
  • Valley Style barns are sturdy, spacious structures, designed with longevity in mind. Built with our Vertical A-Frame roof, this mighty design is our strongest barn.

Installation Options

  • Free delivery and installation on every barn! Our barn builders are skilled, experienced, and raring to go.
  • Custom barn kits can be delivered right to your door, for a DIY barn experience.