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7 Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Party In Your Carport

How to Use a Carport for Entertaining For those of you that like to entertain, finding more affordable forms of home entertaining is a constant challenge. How do you keep things fresh without breaking the bank? (Or worse, boring your social groups with the same old shindigs?) Well, if it’s a “Wow!”-worthy and budget-friendly bash […]
Architectural drawing for the schematics of a tiny metal home.

Want to Increase the Value of Your Property? Add a Carport

When looking for ways to increase property value, the focus is usually on things like bathroom beautification or kitchen remodeling. But whether you need to tackle these areas or not, one often overlooked addition (and one that doesn’t require quite so much effort) is a metal carport. Of course, if simply adding any old carport […]
Tiny House Plumbing Problems

Big Plumbing Problems for Tiny Houses (and How to Solve Them)

While the square footage of tiny houses may lend themselves to less maintenance overall, they certainly can pose many challenges to homeowners. One big potential obstacle is that of plumbing. Obviously, such a small structure does not leave much space for complex piping; right in line with the tiny house philosophy, simplicity is often the […]
Questions You Forget To Ask About Insulation Metal Buildings

4 Questions You Forget to Ask Before Insulating Your Metal Building

External metal buildings cover a variety of  uses that can meet just about any homeowners’ need. But before they’re able to fulfill the year-round functions that you intend, the question of insulation must be answered. Insulation is a must if you’re looking to reduce energy costs while heating or cooling your building (and really, who […]
Use metal buildings for summer shelter for dogs and horses

How to Keep Dogs and Horses Cool This Summer

Protect Your Animals From Heat Part of being a responsible animal owner is making sure they have a safe, cool area to escape to during periods of nasty weather. A heat wave or even the extreme months during summer in certain parts of the States can be dangerous for animals, particularly ones that spend a […]
Yes you should build your tiny house out of metal

Yes, You Can Make A Metal Building into a Tiny House

Yes, You Should Build Your Tiny House with Metal The tiny house movement that’s been sweeping the nation has captured the imaginations of homeowners young and old. Why Live in a Tiny House? Aside from the obvious of being “omg cute,” a tiny house offers you a chance to have the quaint, simplified lifestyle of […]
digital detox

Digital Free Zones – Back to the Basics with your Outdoor Structure

Why You Need A Digital Detox We’re going to assume that you’re reading this on your phone and we’ll bet that’s a safe assumption. In 2016, Nielsen reported that the average American spends 10 hours a day devoted to a screen of some kind and they believe that number is likely to increase as we […]
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How Safe is Your Carport or Metal Garage?

How-To Store Your Property Safely When customers call in to Elephant Structures, the main thing each of them brings up is what they’re storing inside the building. The property within each structure is the main focus at the end of the day. It often comes up in the customization process that customers will opt for a […]
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Which Metal Building Roof Should You Choose: Regular or A-Frame?

The age-old debate. Pepsi or Coke, paper or plastic, Regular or A-frame? We can’t help you with your choice of beverage or the checkout at the local grocery store, but we can help you decide which metal building roof you want. Some of our customers chalk it up to aesthetics, and that’s a fine way to […]
Must have tools for a happy gardener

Must Have Tools for a Happy Gardener

Undertaking your own gardening project is often a reward unto its own. There’s simply no substitute for crafting a stunning landmark for your front or backyard that was built upon your own hard work and sweat. If you have yet to turn your dream project into a reality, it’s possible you simply lack the right […]