3D Printing Metal Structures Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

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3D Printing Metal Structures Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

Elephant Structures has always been on the forefront of metal structure technology with our dedicated team of engineers and building advisors. Our custom metal buildings are second to none in the metal business, and the customization options are nearly endless with a little time and planning. However, a team of scientists at Harvard are doing some incredibly interesting work in the field of metal structures and 3D printing. Most social theorists and commentators believe that 3D printing will play a huge role in the future of our economy and ultimately our society. The idea that we’ll be able to simply purchase materials and schematics or use open source blueprints in order to produce our products and tools from within our own home is an amazing prospect that seems to work more and more for the interests of the people rather than otherwise.

At Harvard, Professor Jennifer A. Lewis has been working on innovating a new 3D printer that will allow for “free-form metal structures in mid-air.” The initial idea is that these new 3D printing techniques are going to primarily be for electronics, but eventually it will grow to be integral to larger and larger metal structures for more and more appliances. Start with a smart watch, end with a home. The breakthrough took place specifically at “Harvard’s Wyss Institute for biologically Inspired Engineering and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.” The team in general hopes to allow the common consumer to manufacture highly customizable and “wearable” electronics in their own home.

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The Findings and Research of the Harvard Team


The team has published a paper on their findings that explains how 3D printing is perfect for creating the tiny metal architectures that people need for things like smart phones and smaller technological devices. The precision involved is required for the immensely intricate geometry and build requirements for the small devices, and hands simply don’t have the precision that machines do. Also, the large machines required in manufacturing these devices are very expensive, and they can be bigger than the room a house would provide. Not to mention the speed of 3D printing is not as important as is the convenience and availability. The 3D printing market will also inevitably provide avenues for creative types and home engineers to make large improvements felt by a substantial amount of the population. In turn, speeding up and simultaneously streamlining the process of innovation and public involvement.

Elephant Structures’ Innovation With Metal Buildings

The innovation of this research team is inspiring, and we look forward to investing more ingenuity into our product even more to fit the ever-changing and often mysterious economy. As you’ve most likely gleaned from the information on the research product above it doesn’t look like 3D printing garages, carports, and full size metal buildings is anywhere past the conceptual level. However, if we’ve learned one thing being a major player in the metal building industry it’s that innovation is always rewarded above complacency. Knowing that small metal structures being 3D printed was one of the ground-breaking achievements made by scientists and engineers working in the field only strengthened the need to plan for the future. While we have no plans to be 3D printing our metal structures any time soon, we always know to be working towards more efficient and smarter structurally magnificent methods to creating our metal structures. not only to compete within the ephemeral field of engineering but to continually deliver the best experience possible to our customers. We know that it’s easy to tell when the building just built on your property was worth the money, and we proudly deliver it knowing you’ll be amazed at the engineering.

Whether you’re looking for a metal structure to store your vehicle, your hobby supplies, or for something larger you can conduct business in or even live in with some planning Elephant Structures has got you covered. We’d like to think we’re the Harvard of the metal structure business, but nothing quite beats the good old fashioned hand on metal work when construction a metal building. If you agree and want to build the building yourself, you should know that every one of our buildings comes with an option to order a DIY kit. All you need is your tools, and depending on how big the structure is a few favors to help you erect your metal structure. Also, every one of our buildings can be customized with unique building specifications or installation requirements. If you’ve got questions about what is possible with your metal structure just call in to speak to a building advisor for a free consultation or use our custom-quote form to get a response from a building advisor as well. All in all, go with Elephant. We know what it means to make a good metal structure, which we prove time and time again with our innovation and hard work.


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