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Ridgeline style barn with two fully enclosed lean to's.

How I Learned to Love the Barn

Ok, so there’s no reason to hate a barn, but… If you live in the country, like me, you probably drove past an old wooden barn on the way to work. Where I live, there’s a decrepit barn situated right on a curve. Here in the mountains, we’re used to curved roads. But this curve happens to […]
Metal Garages Make Life Easier

Metal Garages Make Life Easier

Metal garages are something we’ve long striven to perfect. Why? Because with the perfect metal garage, you have so much more storage space. You can put your lawn mower, your weed hacker, your tools, and your various other equipment in a safe, dry space…and still have enough room to park your car. That’s what makes […]
Three roll up garage doors on the front of a steel building used for storage, and an extra lean to on the side.

Steel Buildings Change Everything

When your storage situation is in a rut, you need a storage building…but not just any storage building will do. Just think of all the damaging elements the earth can throw at your precious things. Just picture it: all the rain and hail, just waiting in the wings to pelt your stuff, moisture and dents […]
Metal carport construction with crew standing on scaffolding.

Metal Carport Construction

A metal carport from Elephant Structures is designed and built to perfection. That’s because our state-of-the-art facilities are engineered to produce only top-quality steel components. But it’s not only about the carport parts. It’s also about the people. We’ve made it our business to bring you the best possible experience. A custom designed carport doesn’t have to just be […]