The Best Paints For Concrete Garage Floors

Selecting concrete garage floor paint colors.

The Best Paints For Concrete Garage Floors

Garage Floor Covering

When deciding what type of flooring to use in your new garage, there are several garage flooring ideas. Some people prefer vinyl, others may prefer carpet, but the most reasonable choice is usually concrete. Concrete garage flooring is easy to clean when there’s a spill, and you won’t have to worry about replacing the flooring every few years. Even though concrete flooring is one of the most popular garage flooring techniques, the material can sometimes be plain and bland.

Painting Your Garage Floor

One option is using garage floor paint to spruce up your garage and make it unique. Painting your garage floor is inexpensive, easy to do, long-lasting, and will help keep your garage and cars clean. Some popular garage floor paint colors include different shades of greys and browns. Grey paint will help against tire marks and goes well with any garage, while brown paints are usually used for someone looking for a more rustic look for their garage. Deciding the color to paint your garage flooring is usually simple, picking which paint to use can be the tricky part.

Quality Paint Options For Concrete Floors

Which Paint Is Best?

When deciding which type of paint to use, it usually comes down to two options; latex acrylic and 1-part epoxy paint. For most garage floors we suggest 1-part epoxy paint.




1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint

This type of paint will better protect your garage from mildew and mold, tire scruffs, oil spills, and gasoline spills. 1-part epoxy paint also tends to bond better which in turn helps resist against hot tire pickup and peeling. A gallon of 1-part epoxy paint is about 10 dollars more expensive than the latex acrylic, but will stay on your garage floor twice as long. When deciding which brand to choose from, we have narrowed it down to three options.

Most Trusted 1-Part Epoxy Brand Paints

The two are Drylok E1 by United Gilsonite Laboratories, Epoxy-Seal garage floor paint by Seal-Krete, and Sure Step by Benjamin Moore. The Drylok E1 costs around $50 a gallon and only comes in Artic White, Light Platinum, Slate Gray, and Natural Sand. This paint has the highest moisture tolerance of other paints, dries thicker, and does not require a coat of primer.

Epoxy-Seal Garage Floor Paints

Our second option is the Epoxy-Seal garage floor paint by Seal-Krete. The brand comes in more colors such as Tropical Beach, Brick Red, Cactus, Plump Grape, etc. This brand is about $35 a gallon but is not as resistant to hot tire pickup. When using this brand it is also suggested to add a coat of bonding primer for better protection.

Acrylic Latex Garage Floor Paints

If you have your mind set on using 100% acrylic latex paint, then we suggest investing in Sure Step by Benjamin Moore. This brand is mainly used for areas with a lot of foot traffic. A gallon of Sure Step costs about $40 and comes in colors such as Tile Red, Pine Green, Desert Sand, Saddle Brown, and your traditional greys and whites. Sure Step is skid resistant, fast drying, and fills and seals cracks. When choosing what garage floor paint to use, these three brands are going to be your best options.

Before You Choose Your Paint, Choose The Best Metal Garage

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Metal Garage Interior with Concrete Floor.

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