Metal Buildings

zombie face outside the window of a bug out shelter

Let Elephant Structures Help You Design Your Zombie Bug Out Shelter!

Far from you in your slumber they roam the neighborhoods, heaving there hunger-pained cries into the early hours of the morning. You wake up and wipe the sleep from your eyes, nothing in particular pressing on your mind as you make your bed. You walk over to fridge and smile as the light turns on and […]
Buy steel buildings over traditional wood structures.

Garage Fires Provide More Reasons to Buy Steel

When you begin comparing steel to other materials, it doesn’t take very long to come up with some huge differences. Steel is impervious to termites, fire, rot, and fungus and mold growth. Pound for pound, it is much stronger and cheaper than wood. It is easier to recycle and much more sustainable. It allowed cities […]
Commercial metal building extra framing in the process of being constructed

Repairing Your Metal Carport or Garage and What to Know

Metal carports and garages are extremely durable in nature, and can be kept in top shape with little maintenance. We recommend making an inspection and cleaning routine at least once a year with checkups after storms in your area. Storms are the number one perpetrator in damages to metal carports and garages. Debris and high […]
Protect yourself and your car with a winter vehicle emergency kit and one of our metal garages!

Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

As winter arrives, so too does the threat of dangerous and unpredictable weather. Many motorists will choose to stay at home to avoid hazardous roads altogether. Others will brave the treacherous roads and interstates, confident that they can safely navigate the poor conditions. Either way, preparing for the worst and taking every possible precaution can […]
Choose a metal building from Elephant instead of a traditional wooden shed.

Buying a Shed? Choose a Metal Building Over Wood

Keeping all of your lawn equipment, supplies, and outdoor items organized and secure probably isn’t something you worry about on a daily basis. However, keeping your items safe can save you tons of money down the road. A metal building or garage from Elephant Structures will keep your property safe from both criminals and the […]
Utility shed carport with roll up garage door and walk in.

Nine Benefits to Carports and Owning One

Frank Lloyd Wright really invented carports, but Elephant Structures perfected them. We have the top of the line structures in the business, with more customization options for our building than anything else. Custom carports are quickly becoming the number one solution for extra storage on property in the United States. There are many reasons why, […]
Protect your vehicle from hail with one of our metal shelters.

Metal Shelters and Hailstorm Damage

The average price for a new car in the United States is now beginning to exceed $30,000. With such a high price tag, more and more Americans are getting serious about protecting their vehicles. While driving safely and performing routine maintenance is one thing, where you park your car is just as important. Parking under […]
Money is saved buying a used carport in the short term

Which To Choose: Used or New Carports

The carport market is plentiful, and the options are immense. When it comes to purchasing a carport, you have to consider your needs and qualifications above all else. In this regard, Elephant excels. We offer a wide variety of carports with a nearly endless array of customization options for carports, garages, metal storage buildings, and […]

Business Booms in Metal Buildings

How Small Businesses Can Save Money With Metal Buildings Here at Elephant Structures, we take pride in the immense versatility and customization options that our steel buildings offer. From equipment and vehicle storage to equestrian and farm use, the utilization possibilities are endless. Recently, we discussed the benefits of purchasing a metal building for small business use. In […]
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Where Did Carports Come From?

Frank Lloyd Wright and American Tradition We’ve been in the Carport business for 37 years, so we’ve become a piece of carport history just by being in the business. Carport’s actually go back a bit farther than us. In fact, the man that coined the term was Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian vision […]