7 Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Party In Your Carport


7 Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Party In Your Carport

How to Use a Carport for Entertaining

For those of you that like to entertain, finding more affordable forms of home entertaining is a constant challenge.

How do you keep things fresh without breaking the bank? (Or worse, boring your social groups with the same old shindigs?) Well, if it’s a “Wow!”-worthy and budget-friendly bash you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to start looking not at what you do but where you do it.

Introducing your secret weapon: your carport. Taking your home entertaining from the living room to your carport can save your social life and your wallet. Here are seven ways to make your home entertaining event the talk of the town again.

Make it a music venue

Who says you need a garage to enjoy garage rock? A carport is spacious enough to fit a band from any genre, bringing the energy of live music straight to your home to give your guests a rocking good time. And unless you’re hiring a Cars cover band, move your wheels off the “stage” beforehand.

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Throw a tailgate party

Love rooting for your team but detest the crowded stadium lot? Keep the car under the carport and bring the party to YOU! Encourage guests to come clad in their favorite jerseys to show their support for a fun sport themed party.

Cozy up for a carport dinner

Table for two, no reservation needed — this is small space entertaining on a budget. Simply set up the eating area and some mood lighting (and a heater pole if it’s chilly) for a magical date night. Do your own cooking or order to-go — you’re in the comfort of your own home, so no judgment if you end up splurging for dessert.

Carport cocktails, anyone?

Even the most practical carport can be fancy with a little creativity. String bright lights all around the frame and set up an array of standing tables for a picture-perfect cocktail party. Your guests will be charmed by the idea of wearing formal dress in such a traditionally informal space. Now, go get ‘em, Gatsby.
Open bulbs hanging from a wooden ceiling with an exposed brick wall in the background.

Break out the BBQ

If you want to throw a more casual event, no one’s stopping you from a little Sunday barbecue for your Easter entertaining event. No lawn necessary — picnic tables and checkered tablecloths complete the look but keep the grill outside to avoid smoking out your guests.

A budget wedding’s best choice

Looking for an extra-quaint venue for a wedding reception? A carport is more than capable of hosting a night of revelry for the new couple. Keep the catering and drinks beneath the carport so they’re safe from the elements or put the head table under its shade as a place of honor.

Eleven bay carport pavilion with picnic tables shown underneath

Dance the night away

Clear out the carport and get ready to boogie. Rent a dance floor and set it up inside your carport for a home entertaining space that’s perfect for that exclusive neighborhood fundraiser (or just an impromptu Saturday night jive session). The more cars your carport holds the bigger the dance floor can be!

A whole new world of social fun awaits you — all you need is a carport (and a little outside the box thinking). Got any unique carport parties you’ve thrown? Share them with us on social media!

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