Buying a Shed? Choose a Metal Building Over Wood

Choose a metal building from Elephant instead of a traditional wooden shed.

Buying a Shed? Choose a Metal Building Over Wood

Keeping all of your lawn equipment, supplies, and outdoor items organized and secure probably isn’t something you worry about on a daily basis. However, keeping your items safe can save you tons of money down the road. A metal building or garage from Elephant Structures will keep your property safe from both criminals and the elements.

When it comes to backyard storage, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a shed or garage. Most homes already have at least one, if not both, and they are almost always made of wood. This is obviously the case for garages attached to traditional homes. However, why are wooden sheds so popular? They are more expensive than metal and they are susceptible to termites and fire damage. A metal building allow you to get more for your dollar without forfeiting aesthetics.

A Metal Building From Elephant

Our buildings are more versatile and adaptable than wooden structures and will last for generations. The design and color of your metal building can be changed to match your home or other existing property. Our buildings are virtually maintenance free and can be installed anywhere there is level ground. If you decide to move, your metal building can be disassembled and easily moved as opposed to a heavy and bulky wooden shed. By altering the dimensions and adding windows, garage and walk-in doors, your building can house your vehicles and outdoor and lawn equipment, keeping everything secure and nearby. With Elephant, you can design a metal building to fit all of your needs for half the price of wood.

Make the easy choice and call us at Elephant Structures today so you can begin designing and pricing your own metal building. We have been manufacturing and installing prefabricated metal buildings for decades and offer the highest quality in the industry.

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