Which To Choose: Used or New Carports

Money is saved buying a used carport in the short term

Which To Choose: Used or New Carports

The carport market is plentiful, and the options are immense. When it comes to purchasing a carport, you have to consider your needs and qualifications above all else. In this regard, Elephant excels. We offer a wide variety of carports with a nearly endless array of customization options for carports, garages, metal storage buildings, and more. Outdoor storage can be difficult to assess accurately, and some of you might be considering purchasing a used carport just for affordability and convenience. We do sell some used carports, but all of ours undergo a quality review that assesses their price. With Elephant, you always get bang for your buck, and we ensure that you pay for the cost of a used building. However, we recommend purchasing a brand new carport before anything else. We also recognize that there are some people with tighter budgets and less complicated qualifications for their carport. Herein, the reason that we sell used carports. It really comes down to what you use it for, but below we discuss some reasons why to go for each.

Ridgeline style barn with two fully enclosed lean to's.

The Used or New Carport Choice

When you’re considering the amount you want to invest, a used carport is definitely cheaper than a brand new one. There are disadvantages involved with the used carport however, and we have some of them listed before.

  • We have a plethora of pre-designed models available, made to order with the capability of being customized in many ways. Take a look at our shop by photo section and our builder to customize a brand new carport or garage. The new carport option can be engineered to store nearly any vehicle, from RV’s, airplanes, vans, and trucks. If you’re in need of a specific size or configuration than the new carport is probably the option for you. You can also speak to a building expert in order to determine whether or not we have any used options in the configuration that you require. They can also help you choose the correct configuration of a new carport
  • New Carports don’t have any wear and tear. Used carports vary, and some wear and tear is to be expected that can be remedied with maintenance
  • New Carports have a rust-through warranty of 25 years, Used carports have had that warranty altered or completely compromised due to their previous ownership.
  • Building codes are strict in some areas, and all of our new carports are built to meet them. In the case of a building permit, our new carports can be certified in order to meet the requirements for a fee. Used carports do not come with that option. What you see is what you get, which is fine in some cases but at times not.
  • Maintenance required for a used carport can be more than a new one. When it comes to finding your used carport in good condition, it is much more difficult. The new carport has a standard annual maintenance recommendation that can not even be necessary in some cases. A used carport varies and can require more maintenance.

Metal Garages Make Life Easier

Going Used Carport

If customization really isn’t your thing, as mentioned above, we give you the option to also shop through our photo catalog to see some of our most popular buildings. You can also shop by photo and customize your own building further, by clicking on the customize button on each page. If you look through each link you’ll see we’ve split the categories of buildings in to their styles and functions. This makes it possible for you to see each type of building in every style and configuration purchasable. There are more specific customization and installation requirements possible, however, you will need to speak to a carport representative in order to purchase those. You can also fill out our contact form if you’d like email correspondence.

The New Carport is The Best Carport For Your Vehicle

The only way to ensure that your car is protected is to make sure that it’s shielded by a metal structure, like a carport or garage. Lucky for you, we sell both! If you don’t have one, then there’s not much you can do to make sure your vehicle won’t be damaged. Elephant Structure carports offer the best defense against Mother Nature. It is a cheap way to ensure that your car won’t get damaged and start to lose value. With durable metal panels, cars and other stored items are totally protected from the elements. The carports are aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. You can choose which gauge, color, and design you want to make your structure. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can choose whether you want a completely enclosed space or a partially open one with a metal awning to protect your vehicle. The carports are extremely durable as well. They stand up to extreme weather and protect your car from the sun. There’s even an online interface where you can build your own carport virtually. When you’re done all you have to do is pay online and submit your order. Keeping your car protected from nature is extremely important when considering its value over time. When left without shelter, cars are vulnerable. You run the risk of suffering accidental damages to the car and decreasing its value.


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