Custom Metal Garage

County barn with one roll up garage door and one walk in on the side.

Custom Metal Garage

If you are in the market for a custom metal garage, then look no further! Here at Elephant Structures, our buildings are built for strength and durability. Perfect for any type of weather, they will protect your equipment or vehicles all year round. Each of our custom metal garages are built according to the customer’s specifications and standards. This ensures that you get a unique building that fits your own needs. We have a team of professional metal building specialists ready to guide you through the process of designing your building.

Our goal is to give you a strong building that will last you for years to come. Here at Elephant Structures, we only use the finest quality materials to make sure. Having a tough garage gives you piece of mind, while saving you the money of any items that might have been stolen or damaged by bad weather.

We have worked hard for years to create an easy step-by-step system for custom metal garage design. Because of this, you know you are getting the best building in the industry. Whether you are using the space to park your car or for storage, you need to take the steps to ensure that your belongings stay safe.

Customization is key to the perfect garage. We have garage doors that come in a variety of sizes, designed for large vehicles. You can add walk-in doors and windows anywhere on the building for easy access, natural lighting, and air flow. We have a multitude of colors with both vertical and horizontal style panels. Certification is simple when working with us. We have all the necessary plans in order to make your dream building a reality.

Danny from North Carolina just recently purchased his custom metal garage. With the quick work and quality customer services, we were able to give him the building he wanted.  He stated, “Thank you so much, I am excited to move into it!” When working with us you only receive the best!

For more information on our Custom Metal Garages, you can give us a call at: (855) 227-7678


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