Digital Free Zones – Back to the Basics with your Outdoor Structure

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Digital Free Zones – Back to the Basics with your Outdoor Structure

Why You Need A Digital Detox

We’re going to assume that you’re reading this on your phone and we’ll bet that’s a safe assumption. In 2016, Nielsen reported that the average American spends 10 hours a day devoted to a screen of some kind and they believe that number is likely to increase as we become more reliant on screens. In a world where we are so screen focused, where can one go to experience a screen-free environment? It may surprise you to learn that an outdoor structure – such as a custom carport, metal garage, or metal shed – is the perfect spot to go for a digital detox.

In a previous blogs, we already covered some ideas on different uses for your outdoor structures and some of them were more fun than others. Regardless of what you are using your metal shed, carport, or garage for – by making a few simple changes you can create a great place to retreat to take a break from the digital and live in the real.
Eleven bay carport pavilion with picnic tables shown underneath

Man Cave or She Shed – Your Retreat From The World

Maybe your man-cave or she-shed is your place to retreat from the world, or maybe you invite friends over to have a nice relaxing afternoon or evening. By creating a screen free environment you’ll notice a big change in your friendships and relationships. Prohibiting the use of screens in your shed or garage will help you rediscover your friendship and/or yourself.

For those of you who might have a carport, there are a few things you can do to get a secondary use from what you thought was just a place to store your car. Creating an outdoor covered picnic area is easy. Your carport is the perfect faux-gazebo. Simply move your vehicle out from the shelter that your carport provides and set up a picnic area. While in your newly fashioned “gazebo” enjoy family picnics or dinners. While eating and enjoying some quality time with the family, you can treat your family to a digital fast to help some of the digital glow fade from you.

relaxing in a hammock

What changes do I need to make to create a screen free environment?

 We’ve got great news, with a few simple changes you can create a screen-free zone that will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized to take on the world. For some structures (i.e. carports or other metal buildings), there may be a little rearranging or cleaning that you’ll need to do. The good news is, whether you are converting a preexisting structure or looking to purchase a structure specifically to digitally detox, you most likely already feel at home in these spaces. The great thing about a digital free zone is that it’s almost as much about your attitude as it is what is inside the area.

Bench with trees by a lake

Benefits of Going Screen Free

We won’t lie, it’s no easy task to go screen-free, but if keep with it, you will start to find that you’ll be broken of the constant temptation to check your phone. You will find renewed focus and a new appreciation for relationships in your life. Your screen-free zone should be comfortable to all those who may take use of it. In an effort to maintain an easy-going attitude and welcoming environment it’s important to remember that if you or someone else forget about the screen-free zone that you not beat yourself or others up about it.

And there you have it! It’s that simple. We’re here for you, and we will keep bringing you all of the latest metal structure trends and new creative uses to get the most of out of your space. Remember, you can contact us any time you need, our team is ready and waiting to assist you.

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