Storing The Best Beach Gear For The Summer

How-To Store The Best Beach Gear

Storing The Best Beach Gear For The Summer

Let’s Hit The Beach!

Summer days bring lots of opportunities for fun outdoor activities. Whether it’s an afternoon at the beach or a weekend camping trip, there’s a long list of summer must haves that can take your adventure from a good time to a day that you’ll never forget.

All that beach gear and other must haves for summer need a place to go when they’re not in use. From diving gear to surfboard storage, a metal garage could be the answer to your lack of space for beach essentials. A standalone metal storage shed comes in many sizes and can easily fit in your backyard to hold your beach supplies during the off-season and keep it organized throughout the summer.

Here are some ideas for ways to DIY a standard metal garage into a summer and beach essentials storage oasis.

How To Store Your Beach Gear

Use Shelves and Baskets for Small Beach Essentials

Keep your beach supplies organized by hanging a few shelves and using baskets to hold small beach supplies, like shovels, buckets and sand toys. The baskets will disguise the clutter and you’ll have an easier time preparing for your day at the beach when all your beach supplies are in one spot instead of strewn around the house.

If you’re using multiple baskets to contain all your summer must haves, label the containers and shelves to easily find your beach gear in a hurry. Whether you’re looking for beach supplies or diving gear, your items for summer fun will be out of sight yet easy to find.

Dry Wet Beach Supplies on a Hook or Drying Rack

The worst part of a day at the beach has to be the fact that everything comes back either wet or covered in sand. By using a metal garage as a summer storage shed, you can keep your sandy supplies outside of the house. Drying racks and hooks make great spots for hanging wet beach gear, like swimsuits and towels, while they dry.

One roll up garage door and one walk in.

Install a Vertical Rack for Easy Surfboard Storage

Protect your fun-in-the-sun summer toys, like surfboards and paddleboards, by storing them inside. Not only are they less vulnerable to theft, but they’re also safe from the damaging rays of the sun that can cause the boards to crack.

To free up space for storing other summer beach supplies, these bulky items can be stored using a wall mount. Try a vertical stand for easy multiple surfboard storage. Add a couple of shelves nearby to hold the rest of your surfing gear, like wax and leashes.

Make Use of Overhead Storage

Add overhead storage racks to your metal garage to take advantage of unused vertical space. While overhead storage may be a bit difficult to use for everyday items,  These racks are perfect for storing camping supplies and other seldom used must haves for summer that you only use a few times during the season.

DIY-ing a metal garage into a convenient storage for all your summer must haves is easier than you may think. To get started creating your space for all of your beach essentials, simply start with a metal storage shed and customize to fit your needs. Make a list of everything you need to store and create the layout of shelves, baskets, hooks and racks that works best for you.

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