Must Have Tools for a Happy Gardener

Must have tools for a happy gardener

Must Have Tools for a Happy Gardener

Undertaking your own gardening project is often a reward unto its own. There’s simply no substitute for crafting a stunning landmark for your front or backyard that was built upon your own hard work and sweat. If you have yet to turn your dream project into a reality, it’s possible you simply lack the right tools for the job.

We at Elephant Structures know a thing or two about making big projects achievable. So, we made a list of essential tools no serious home gardener should be without. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, each of these tools is critical to keeping and maintaining the beauty of your home and garden. Never leave your garden shed without them!

The Tools No Garden Shed Should Be Without

Wheelbarrow – No tool pulls its weight quite like this one. A single user can haul pounds of soil, rocks, or other loose material while barely breaking a sweat. Make space in the garden shed for your wheelbarrow to keep it out of the rain so it always operates to its fullest potential.

Garden Trowel – If you’re spending any amount of time squatting knees-bent in your home garden, you won’t get far without a garden trowel. These simple yet useful tools are a lot like mini-shovels — you can use them to plunge into the dirt to dig up weeds, move herbs, or other delicate actions with ease. Keep a pair (or more!) close by — you’ll never want to waste time digging through your garden shed for one when there’s weeds to pull.

Pruning Shears (also called secateurs) – No need to ruin the scissors from your office desk drawer to prune those pesky dead leaves and branches – a pair of pruning shears can make your life in the home garden a lot easier. Simply bring them with you every time the rose bushes are getting a bit unruly (your poor fingers will thank you).

Shovel – No other tool in the entire garden shed has stood the test of time as a symbol of hard, honest work quite like the shovel has. You can find shovels in a range of styles and shapes for an almost unlimited number of uses. Whether you’re moving dirt, snow, grass, sand, mud, or rocks, a shovel is the surest way to get the job done in a timely, near-effortless fashion.

Water Wand – Believe it or not, most hoses just aren’t suited for all types of watering. Although the heavy dribble that comes out of the spout is great for dousing your bushes, it isn’t ideal for light watering (unless you want to slop mud all over your home garden). Choose a water wand with a number of settings from a fine mist to a powerful jet stream to cover all your watering needs.

Stirrup Hoe (sometimes seen as Hula hoe, scuffle hoe) – If you’re wondering why a stirrup hoe is part of a list of must have garden tools, you might be missing out. It’s stirrup-shape makes weed removal an absolute breeze by settling just beneath the surface of the soil, allowing you slice off weeds at their roots and leaving them for easy cleanup afterward.

Does your garden tool shed have something we missed? Let us know! Share your must have garden tools and help us create the most complete home garden tool storage for any project!

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