Extra Wide Structure

Extra Wide Structure

Are you needing an extra wide structure?

Then Elephant Structures is the place to go!

Here you see out top of the line install crew assembling an extra wide structure.

Here you see our top of the line install crew assembling an extra wide structure.

Elephant Structures offers buildings up to 60 feet long and 40 feet wide! This size of a building could be used for a number of things; such as, a gymnasium, manufacturing facility, storage buildings, or even sport centers, the list goes on and on. An extra wide structure can have the space of a barn without the lean-to’s giving it the traditional barn appearance.

With a building of this mass bracing is necessary. The best part is we can customize the space with bracing and wall placements to meet your wishes. Your extra wide structure is built with the same top of the line galvanized steel tubing and assembled with grade 8 screws like a standard size. You also have the same 12 color options as a smaller structure. Our buildings are engineered for high strength and endurance.

Just like you could a standard size structure with the extra wide structure you can have gable ends or enclosed walls, walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows. We recommend you having vertical siding because it provides more structural durability. Along with being the most economical choice we also have free delivery and installation for the extra wide structures.

Want more information? Visit the Extra Wide Buildings page on our website or call us toll free at (855) 227-7678.

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