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Every year, hundreds of thousands of American homeowners spend millions of dollars on home repairs, additions, and updates. By investing in their own home, these people are making smart decisions for the future of their property and their family. However, spending loads of money on more space shouldn’t be a decision that you make lightly.

Additions and other changes to your home can have a dramatic effect on your home’s property value. If a project is thoughtfully designed and well-executed, a big investment can easily pay off. On the other hand, poorly constructed additions that serve no distinct purpose or do not match the rest of the property can quickly become an eyesore and a headache. If you decide to sell your house, these amateur-looking home improvement projects can lead to disaster. Aside from possibly decreasing the property value, they can turn away prospective buyers and leave you stuck with a house that won’t sell. This can cost you thousands and even cause sellers to accept an asking price much lower than they had expected.

Custom Metal Structures

It may be difficult to know what exactly you need from your project or addition. However, cramped quarters can make the need for additional space immediately obvious. Here at Elephant Structures, we have a few suggestions. Compare the versatility, price, and quality of our metal structures and buildings to traditional wooden shelters. Once you’ve decided that buying metal in the best choice for you home or business, take a look at photos of other metal structures we’ve built. With a few high-quality examples, you’re sure to decide exactly what you’re looking for in one of our metal structures.

Get Inspired

A custom metal carport built by Elephant.

  • A custom metal carport like this allows you to safely store items in the back utility shed while still protecting your vehicle and other property from the elements.

Our custom metal structures are versatile enough to store anything.

  • Our custom metal structures are versatile enough to store anything, from RVs to trailers and even farm supplies or livestock. With a huge selection of different types of buildings, you can find the perfect carport, garage, workshop, warehouse, or barn.

Install a custom metal carport on your boat dock.

  • Our metal structures are versatile enough to go anywhere. Design one today to protect your boat or as a shelter for your backyard patio. The uses for our strong, high-quality metal structures are never-ending.

Double-wide metal carports can protect more than just your vehicles.

  • Enclose the sides of your metal carport for added protection from the elements, or enclose it entirely and create a custom metal garage that will last for generations.

A custom metal garage.

  • Design your own custom metal workshop or garage at half the cost of building with wood. Keep all of your property, tools, equipment, and supplies secure and nearby in one of our high-quality metal structures.

A custom metal warehouse with four garage doors.

  • Looking for something a little bigger? Our high-quality metal structures make the perfect commercial building, warehouse, workshop, or headquarters. Automotive shops, material supply and storage, and fabrication and manufacturing are also popular uses for our metal structures.


A custom metal barn from Elephant.

  • With three different styles available and with your custom dimensions provided, we can design metal barns to accommodate the needs of your animals and livestock.

Choose Elephant

With so many examples of our custom metal structures, deciding what you want may be difficult. However, it’s sure to be more exciting than a lot of other large investments. Our high-quality metal structures give you a blank canvas on which to create your own projects.

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