Garage Fires Provide More Reasons to Buy Steel

Buy steel buildings over traditional wood structures.

Garage Fires Provide More Reasons to Buy Steel

When you begin comparing steel to other materials, it doesn’t take very long to come up with some huge differences. Steel is impervious to termites, fire, rot, and fungus and mold growth. Pound for pound, it is much stronger and cheaper than wood. It is easier to recycle and much more sustainable. It allowed cities to reach to heights and has spanned massive rivers. Steel is the clean, green, modern choice in new construction and provides a brighter future when it comes to building safety and strength.

Garage Fire Closes Highway

One unfortunate example of why steel is poised to overtake wood and other building materials comes out of Romney, Indiana. Tippecanoe County firefighters responded to reports of a garage fire on the evening of January 11th. Those on scene stated that the fire started in the back of the building and spread to the front, causing massive structural damage. As a result, the building collapsed about an hour after crew reported to the scene. As a result of the blaze and the efforts to contain it, the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office closed sections of U.S. 231, south of Romney. The county dispatch sent out an alert around midnight that the highway was reopened after the fire and the resulting damage had been managed.

Buy Smart – Buy Steel

Rather than deal with the possibility of losing your home or building to garage fire, invest in one of our high-quality metal buildings. All of our structures are designed to last for generations and built with American-sourced steel.

Here at Elephant Structures, we have been providing home and business owners with the best steel buildings on the market for decades. Check out our online photo gallery or explore our website to learn more about our buildings. Call today to speak with one of our expert representatives so that we can help you design the perfect building at an even better price.

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