Metal Carport Boat Storage

Metal Carport Boat Storage

Metal Carports for Boat Storage

Metal Carport Boat Storage

It is time to trade in the swim suit for a ski coat!

While you are preparing to protect yourself from the harsh winter weather it is also good to prepare your boat for the same conditions.

If you love a lazy day on the lake relaxing or fishing you know the joy a boat can bring you and/or your family. If not properly stored throughout the winter, the weather a can do great damage on your boat. There are some extra precautions steps that a boat owner needs to take when the leaves start to change. Some of the preparation includes, but is not limited to, draining all the fluids from various tanks, adding a fuel stabilizer, and cleaning the plant life from the bottom of the boat.

The key factor in protecting your boat in the winter is keeping it stored in a dry covered facility. There are boat storage centers available but that option can become very expensive and they are only temporary. Why not find a permanent year round solution, such as a metal carport, installed right on your property! 

Starting at the low price of $695 Elephant Structures has just what you need! With a wide range of carport options you are guaranteed to find the perfect metal carport for your boat storage this winter!

We at Elephant Structure offer three different style carport roofs including Regular, A-Frame, and Vertical. You can also have your metal carport fully enclosed or with half walls or no walls at all. We have various entry options and windows to offer. There are 12 different siding, roof, and trim colors to choose from. You can see it all for your self and build your own metal carport on our carport builder. Remember to put in your local zip code for real time pricing.

Along with a metal carport that is built with top of the line galvanized metal and grade 8 screws Elephant Structures also offers FREE delivery and installation! 

If you still have some questions we have a vast amount of experience and skill in the metal building industry, along with a network of dealers, suppliers, and installers. This makes us the best in the market at providing top of the line customer service, a high quality product, and low prices, so call us today at (855) 227-7678!

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