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Metal Garage: Tips for Controlling Summer Pests

By choosing to build with metal over wood, your shelter will be inherently safe from dangers like wood rot, warping and waterlogging, and termites. These factors can compromise the strength of your wooden building and can even be harmful to your health after prolonged exposure. A metal garage is far cleaner and much more durable than a traditional wooden structure.

That being said, metal buildings are not immune from everything. All sorts of pests are keen on finding cool, dark places to hide during the hot summer months. From spiders and ants to wasps and hornets, some of these pests can be downright dangerous and have no place in your buildings. If you’re worried about bugs and pests making a home in your metal garage, you should take a few precautionary steps to ensure they won’t find a comfortable place to call home.

A Clean Garage is a Happy Garage

The first thing to do, and the easiest way to keep your buildings free from pests, is to always keep them clean and organized. Being able to spot a spider, roach, or mouse as quickly as possible makes it a lot easier to make sure they don’t find a permanent home. Keep stored items in sealed containers or bins and keep them elevated on a shelf or table. This will keep them dry and safe from any creepy-crawlies that might find their way into your metal garage or barn. Also, be sure to install bug screens on any windows or vents. These will allow for air-flow and ventilation and will keep out any flying insects.

As the weather warms up and pests begin to make their presence felt, you should take the time and do a preventative spray of insecticide around the base of your building. Many of these insecticides can kill or repel most types of spiders, ants, ticks, beetles, etc. They can be easily applied and last for anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months. Be sure to research exactly what kinds of pests are threatening your property to find a solution best tailored to that issue.

Avoid Skunks at All Costs!

Skunks can also call your garage or barn home, which could lead to a much bigger and smellier problem. Most people won’t find one until it’s too late, and you won’t want to spend hours trying to clean that terrible odor from your tools, equipment, and other items. Killing a skunk is no solution, so the easier way to deal with them is to keep them as far away as possible. Luckily, many hardware or lawn and garden stores sell skunk repellant. This substance usually comes in pellets that you sprinkle and spread around your property. These pellets give off the odor off a fox – which prey on skunks – and forces them to find other refuge.

Finally, use a little common sense in keeping your garage or barn clean. Don’t leave out food or other items which can attract mice and other rodents. It’s a lot easier than your think and it’ll go a long way in keeping your property protected and secure.

metal garage

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