Metal Shelters and Hailstorm Damage

Protect your vehicle from hail with one of our metal shelters.

Metal Shelters and Hailstorm Damage

The average price for a new car in the United States is now beginning to exceed $30,000. With such a high price tag, more and more Americans are getting serious about protecting their vehicles. While driving safely and performing routine maintenance is one thing, where you park your car is just as important. Parking under one of our metal shelters will not only save your interior from intense heat and sunlight, but it will also protect against falling debris. Trees, branches, and bird droppings are the usual suspects when it comes to this type of vehicle damage. However, one weather event which you may have overlooked can be even more devastating.

The Danger of Hail

Hailstorms accompany strong thunderstorms and can be common in the Great Plains region. Hail forms when thunderstorm updrafts are strong enough to carry water droplets above the freezing level. This process forms a hailstone, which can grow as additional water freezes onto it. Eventually, the hailstorm becomes too heavy for the updrafts to support it. When this happens, the hailstone falls to the earth with enough force to harm people and property. Most hail is small and causes very little harm. However, there are many reports of massive hailstones causing millions in property damage.

One such example would be the severe hailstorms that affected San Antonio in April of 2016. Estimates and projections of damage exceed $2 billion, making these storms the most expensive in Texas history. Hailstorms pummeled the San Antonio area on April 12, 17, and 25th. Baseball-sized stones caused heavy damage to businesses and vehicles. According to the USAA, the claims for the three storms now total 27,000 for property and 36,000 for autos – the majority stemming from the initial April 12th storm. Smashed windshields with scores of dents compromise the majority of the automobile damage.

Protection with Elephant Structures

While severe weather and hail is certainly not uncommon in the Plains region, the size and destructive power of these events in particular highlight the significance of protecting your vehicle from the elements.

Choosing any of our metal shelters, carports, or garages will provide a worry-free place to store your vehicle. Avoid dents from hailstorms, heat from the sun, and clearing your windshield after a heavy snow. Our safe and secure metal shelters and buildings are made from high-quality American made steel and are built to last. Custom color, build, and sizing options help find the building best for your vehicle or property. Free delivery and installation of your metal shelter means that you won’t need to sweat the details. Just provide a level building site and our crew can install your structure in a few days time. The unrivaled quality and service provided by Elephant Structures makes us the clear choice in metal shelters and buildings.

If you’re in the market for a carport or garage, check out our builder and our wide selection of metal shelters.

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