Metal Structures Used to Shelter the Homeless

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Metal Structures Used to Shelter the Homeless

Metal shelters are found everywhere throughout the states and for good reason. The versatility and adaptability are unparalleled, and the ability to erect a metal structure quickly is arguably one of their most unique and beneficial attributes. In the event of a natural disaster, it’s commonly been the norm to shelter the habitants of the affected area in metal shelters erected before the event or shortly after (i.e. a football stadium or warehouse). This is because commercial metal structures can withstand natural disasters, and durable metal structures can also be erected after event quickly to give a reliable shelter to those unfortunately displaced.

The city officials managing St. Louis, Missouri have begun to do just that by constructing a metal structure for the temporary sheltering of the homeless throughout the area. The city is undergoing a “weed control operation” and as a result 75 homeless men have been displaced and relocated to the metal shelter with cots and amenities to help reintegrate them into society through various organizations, groups, and non-profits. The Mayor Lyda Krewson directed the efforts and resolved to place the metal shelter near the homeless services facilities.

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There are more efforts being put in place, but it goes to show the most obvious choice is a metal buildings for a city with a major homeless issue. Our metal buildings can easily be transformed into temporary residences as well as permanent residences with some custom configurations and after-market parts. The bulk of your home can literally be completed within one or two days.

Metal structures were also used with success in protecting residents of a seaside village in Nepal from a monsoon. The idea of using a metal structure to protect your entire family from a monsoon is frightening, but it was made possible.  Each metal building for each family was estimated to be valued at around $100 dollars a piece. News sources from Asia said “The project is supported by FNCCI Operation Relief and funded by Namaste Cafe in the United States.” It’s a grassroots effort to not leave the residents out to dry literally during the monsoon season. The problem is the same as the solution however, the affordability provided by transporting the steel and making it as strong as possible leaves the front and back of the small arch exposed. The organization assisted people in reinforcing the holes in the structure with materials that were found left behind by the destruction of the earthquake that initially caused the displacement in the first place.

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Our metal structures are built with sustainable, recyclable materials that will last for generations. Steel structures, as opposed to traditional wooden buildings, use far less resources and have a much smaller impact on their environment. They can be installed nearly anywhere and do not require and concrete footprint or foundation. They can also be easily disassembled and moved and have a huge variety of uses, from protecting your vehicles to acting as your home office. If you’re in the market for a new building, make the environmentally-friendly choice and purchase one of our steel structures today.

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