Repairing Your Metal Carport or Garage and What to Know

Commercial metal building extra framing in the process of being constructed

Repairing Your Metal Carport or Garage and What to Know

Metal carports and garages are extremely durable in nature, and can be kept in top shape with little maintenance. We recommend making an inspection and cleaning routine at least once a year with checkups after storms in your area. Storms are the number one perpetrator in damages to metal carports and garages. Debris and high winds can cause your building to be battered beyond what their paneling can sustain. We recommend certifying your building in order to maintain a wind speed and snow load congruent with common or severe storms in your area. All triple wide buildings are automatically certified, but extra bracing can be purchased if necessary. If you’re interested in some basic steps to certifying your building, we always recommend concrete foundation for every structure we build, carport, or garage.

Process of Accessing Repairs For Your Metal Carports or Garage

To know the basic process of accessing repairs, what you need to order, and whether or not you can repair the building yourself we have devised a short step by step process to begin your repair project.

  1. Survey the building and indicate where any damage has taken place. Look for missing holes where screws have been removed by debris, dents in panels, and places where panels are missing.
  2. Take note of what parts have been removed or damaged, and take inventory on your new pieces for the repair process.
  3. It’s important to evaluate the cause of what damaged your building because when taking this into consideration you can purchase parts or reinforce problem areas caused by environmental elements in the future.
  4. See if you can save money in the installation of your repair parts by assessing if you can repair the structure yourself. We recommend having some construction background, but our buildings are all engineered to be possible for DIY kits if you so choose to order them that way
  5. Give us a call to order the repair parts, and begin gathering equipment to repair the building yourself if you went with that method.


Some problems are not as apparent as others, and these can damage your building enough that they need to be prepared. There are a few listed below in order to aid you in your evaluation process.

  1. Changes in the foundation in the event that you didn’t use concrete as foundation. If you installed on ground or gravel, heavy rain or mud flow can cause the ground to shift in a way that disorients the frame of your building with high force. This can dislocate panels and framing that reduces the stability of the structure.
  2. Human interference. At times, if there is no storm present and you are not the only person using your building than damage can occur from human interference. If your garage has been dented in the end in front of where you park your car for example, or even vandalism. This is always unfortunate but it does take place.

Going With Elephant Structures for Repairs

We will install repair parts or additional end walls, etc. for a return trip fee and the cost of the parts. If you have a metal carport or garage that wasn’t built by us, we unfortunately cannot repair your building without infringing upon laws by other companies, even if you built the structure yourself. However, we will still sell you the parts if you would rather go with us for your future metal building needs. If you’re interested in repair parts, or DIY kits, give us a call for a free consultation with a building advisor who will happily assist you with your repair and construction needs.

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