How to Keep Dogs and Horses Cool This Summer

Use metal buildings for summer shelter for dogs and horses

How to Keep Dogs and Horses Cool This Summer

Protect Your Animals From Heat

Part of being a responsible animal owner is making sure they have a safe, cool area to escape to during periods of nasty weather.

A heat wave or even the extreme months during summer in certain parts of the States can be dangerous for animals, particularly ones that spend a great deal of time outside like dogs and horses. As a result, many animal owners have begun utilizing metal buildings such as barns and even carports to provide their animals safe haven.

Here are several types of horse of dog enclosures you can build so your animals enjoy a safe, cool summer.

Run in Shelter

You may not immediately think that a metal carport would be a place to keep your horses or dogs during the summer, but a sturdy carport can make for a great run in shelter for horses. A run in shelter is usually out in a field or pasture and it allows livestock, horses, and even dogs a place to rest in the shade, and be protected from summer rain showers.  You may want to have water and feed available at the run in shelter for you animals so they can be even more comfortable.

Metal barn construction complete, job well done.

Metal Barns

Metal barns usually consist of a large main “garage” space with attached lean-tos on either side. The lean-to spaces are perfect to use as stables for your horses. They’re covered with sturdy roofs to protect from intense sunlight or even wind and rain. These functional structures have the added benefit of being rustic and traditional with all the practical qualities you’d want for protecting your horses or other animals.

Key features:

  • Natural stables
  • Covered roof
  • Additional animal supplies storage

Metal building with lean to, utility shed, and roll up garage door

Metal Shelters

While metal shelters share plenty of similarities with metal barns, they sport several differences that make them worth considering. While they can certainly be covered to provide protection from sun, wind, and rain, a partially enclosed metal shelter works best as a run in shelter space for your horse to run or trot, rather than the living quarters that a barn or stable provides.

Another distinct advantage of using a metal shelter for your animals is the ability to add several types of garage doors to it. Whether you choose a roll-up garage door or none at all, you can customize the space for keeping your animals cool in summer.

  • Large space for physical activity
  • Covered roof
  • Partially enclosed sides
  • Garage door options

Large metal horse riding arena.

Dog Run

Smaller than the other structures, dog runs are made specifically for our canine companions. Dog runs are usually built to match the animal’s size — big runs for big dogs, small runs for small dogs, naturally. However, while many dog runs are shaped like a square, some are built with far greater length to provide more room for the dog to run (hence the name “dog run”).

An effective metal dog run that provides a long stretch of space, allowing the dog to get plenty of exercise even during poor weather conditions, is one that’s similar to the large size of a metal carport or shelter.

  • Customizable based on the dog’s size
  • Covered roof
  • Large space for physical activity

Additional Ways To Keep Dogs and Horses Comfortable

Horse or dog enclosures like the ones listed above can protect your animals during summer, winter, or any time of the year that the weather might otherwise endanger your animals. But apart from providing them a safe, cool shelter, you can take additional steps to ensure your animals remain comfy throughout the year:

  • Set up fans or heaters in resting areas
  • Supply food and water in an easily accessible part of the structure
  • Keep your metal enclosure tidy, even when not in use
  • Get your metal building certified to ensure full protection from the elements

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