Tesla Proves Yet Again Electric Cars Are the Future

Electric car charger made by Tesla.

Tesla Proves Yet Again Electric Cars Are the Future

Tesla has been making waves in the automotive industry for years now and shows no signs of stopping. Just recently Tesla and CEO Elon musk unveiled their latest “Model 3” units. The owners of Tesla’s have nigh on become enthusiasts, and the video below is reminiscent of the late Steve Jobs and Apple’s tech reveals. Fervent fans of future tech and owners alike shared enthusiastic praise at the unveiling of the model 3. It’s amazing an automotive company has managed to establish the preorder of a vehicle. Nevertheless, Tesla’s track record does warrant high expectations.



Thirty people already own the new Model 3 and Musk has also stated they will be going through a lot of overtime production to meet the higher than anticipated demand. Tesla and Musk believe in their product, so it’s interesting to note they did not anticipate the amount of people that would want a Model 3 as soon as it was revealed. The tipping point written about at the inception of the electric car phase seems to be upon us. Most vehicle owners explain they have no reservations to switching other than two main factors: distance and cost. These two factors seem to increase rapidly in each new Tesla vehicle, and here the Model 3 also delivers. The Model 3 is reported to get 215 miles on a single charge, and free long distance charges comes as a part of the purchase.

Tesla car sitting on the lawn of a driveway.

Knowing how far the car can go, and the charging options available, the only attribute left to determine whether or not it’s a true replacement for a traditional gas guzzler is the price. The Model 3 is a top of the line vehicle no doubt, but at the price of around $45,000 dollars it’s cheaper than some luxury cars already on the market. A fully electric car affordable for the masses is closer than ever, and the estimated 700,000 a year in predicted unit sales could be the first wave. In the past seeing a Tesla in the wild isn’t uncommon in larger cities but in rural areas they’re still extremely rare. If Tesla is projecting sales that will actually happen the Model 3 will be everywhere in a few years. It seems the future of electric cars is extremely bright with Elon Musk at the helm. Or rather, no one at all. The Model 3 is in fact autonomously driven, as well as hands on of course. The future is turning out to be strange indeed. However, one thing that won’t change in regards to the automotive industry is storing vehicles.

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