The Summer Sun

Beach goers on a crystal clear beach run back and forth

The Summer Sun

On The Horizon The Warm Red Rises

When the frost begins to melt at the arrival of Spring, the anticipation of Summer sets in. It seems that for most of us that spring is a placeholder for Summer. Fall and Autumn both have their great themes written and sang about all through history, as well as Spring and Summer respectfully. However, it’s undoubtable that Spring’s battle between precipitation and days of foreshadowing the Summer bliss it’s only a precursor to most people’s favorite season. Days spent swimming in the lake, or fishing with a friend. Vacations with the family to the beach, motorcycle rides, picnics, or walking outside and feeling the calming warmth of the sun on your face. All these things and many more explain why our culture has such a fondness for Summer.

However, we all know that when performing these activities we require protection from the sun with sunscreen, hats, and carefully placed oak trees in the fields. It’s the very thing that allows us to perform all these activities that we must be wary of. How often is it though that you put sunscreen on your property? Without some form of shelter your vehicle’s paint will become oxidized rapidly and lose it’s quality. It only takes a year or two of full on exposure to the sun for your property to be irrevocably damaged. Also, with the increased heat we get more activity in our atmosphere in the form of thunderstorms. It’s a pain to get caught in those random, unpredictable hail storms during the summer. While we may be able to duck and head for cover indoors, our property remains outside to wait in the gauntlet of sporadic weather events in the summer time. Also, most severe storms cause debris to be dislodged from any nearby woods if you live in a rural area, and construction and trash from urban areas. It’s easy to protect your vehicles and lawn equipment from the summer weather. With a building from Elephant Structures.

Some Solutions

Elephant Structures has three building options and all structures have three types of roofs made with 29 gauge steel sheeting. :

• The regular roof is rounded and has a 6” overhang that comes down the sides of the    structure.

• The Boxed Eave roof is angled and has horizontal paneling. The edges have a 6” over hang that does not conform to the building. This is beneficial for rainfall and leaves.

• The Vertical Roof has vertical paneling and the same overhang as the Boxed Eave    roof. However, when coupled with the vertical paneling all rain and debris is angled to    the sides for maximum dispersal.

The Carport option has a roof in any style mentioned above, as well as customization options for panels and many colors. The Garages are fully enclosed versions of the carports, with doors in many sizes and windows as well as even more customization options. The barns are the Garages or carports with bays on either side called “lean-to’s.” These lean-to’s are fully customizable as well. If you would like to see some images and check for pricing of all different types of buildings offered by elephant structures then head over to

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