Where Did Carports Come From?

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Where Did Carports Come From?

Frank Lloyd Wright and American Tradition

We’ve been in the Carport business for 37 years, so we’ve become a piece of carport history just by being in the business. Carport’s actually go back a bit farther than us. In fact, the man that coined the term was Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian vision for the landscape of the United states created new aspects of the architectural world. Wright proposed plans, and executed many of them, that created cities and buildings still standing as a testament to his capability and expertise. The aesthetic aspects of the buildings were one story dwellings with low square footage and little storage available. They had flat overhangs and roofs, used materials native to the area, and a synergy of interior and exterior spaces.

When Wright was coining his style of Usonian Homes, he noted the overhang for storing vehicles as a carport in his plans. These houses still exist today in many areas. He was attempting to design something unconventional yet uniform and familiar without following tradition or breaking functionality. The carport is deemed by one of the greatest architects of modern times as the most American extension of architecture in existence.

Depicted below is the Rosenbaum Home in Alabama, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings. It shows his overhangs, and fondness of sharp angles and inter-connectivity between interior and exterior spaces.

Frank LLoyd Wright Rosenbaum home

He’s quoted,

“A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn. Cars are built well enough now so that they do not require elaborate shelters.”

In this era Wright is describing cars that were nowhere near the pinnacle of engineering they are today, and it seems they are going yet another evolution as we speak.

Electric cars are becoming more and more viable every year, thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla. Carports were considered a luxury in the 30’s, as Electric cars are now just under 100 years later.

The future of the automotive industry looks bright, but there is a large shift happening in the way of renewable energy in all manufacturing in the global economy. Whether or not you feel like there is a difference in the climate today, leading professionals agree that it is important to move to a more sustainable model.

Cars are becoming tougher, and although technology is reaching for the stars, there is a large hurdle in the way of time we have to take into account. When electric cars become affordable, there will be shortcuts taken in the manufacturing process, and we will have to maintain our vehicles with care. In short, carports have advanced a great deal alongside the automotive industry.

What Does the Future Have in Store For Carports?

Tesla Charging Station

Our carports are so customizable, they can be fitted with nearly any combination of panels and open and closed walls you can possibly think of. The future has many wide and varying paths it could take.

Pertaining to the automotive sector, the carport with all of it’s advancements is still the most future proof method of vehicle sheltering and storage. For example, solar panels were just unveiled by Elon Musk for residential installation. He also unveiled a new battery the solar panels are able to charge. If you’re lucky enough to have an electric car in these early stages, you can rest assured that a carport can be fitted with solar panels.

Our roof paneling can be framed out per your request, and even if you’re using your solar panels to charge your home battery or power lawn equipment the panels will fit easily. It remains to be seen a better alternative that is more future-proof, affordable, or well engineered for automotive storage than carports and metal garages.

Protection, With Synergy for the Future

The only way to ensure that your car is protected is to make sure that it’s shielded by a garage. If you don’t have one, then there’s not much you can do to make sure your vehicle won’t be damaged. Elephant Structure carports offer the best defense against Mother Nature, and with our customization we can pave several avenues to the future.

Technology is learning to become more synergistic with Mother Nature. We find it’s best not to fight against it but find away to make it better. Our carports are affordable, and customizable. With durable metal panels, cars and other stored items are totally protected from the elements.

The carports are aesthetically pleasing and completely customizable. You can choose which gauge, color, and design you want to make your structure. Depending on what best suits your needs, you can choose whether you want a completely enclosed space or a partially open one with a metal awning to protect your vehicle.

The carports are extremely durable as well. They stand up to extreme weather and protect your car from the sun. There’s even an online interface where you can build your own carport virtually. When you’re done all you have to do is pay online and submit your order. Keeping your car protected from nature is extremely important when considering its value over time. When left without shelter, cars are vulnerable. You run the risk of suffering accidental damages to the car and decreasing its value.

Wherever the future goes, we will continue to create advanced metal structures with a high level of customization fit for every circumstance required.






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