Which Gauge is Better?

Which Gauge is Better?

What is a metal gauge and what is the difference?

A gauge is a measurement of the thickness, size, or capacity of something. In regards to a metal building when gauge is mentioned it is talking about the structural tubing. A metal building is made almost entirely of tubing. The only part of the building that isn’t is the roofing and siding. With that being said you want the best most structurally stable metal holding up your building.

Commercial metal building with extra bracing, in the process of installation with framing only shown.

Here at Elephant Structures we offer two different gauge grades; a 12 Gauge (GA) and a 14 GA. This may sound a little backwards but the 12 GA is the better of the two. When you get 12 GA tubing you are getting a 30% thicker therefore a 30% stronger metal. Sounds crazy I know. The 12 GA tubing is 2.25″ x 2.25″ while the 14 GA is 2.5″ x 2.5″.

When you place your order the 14 GA will be the standard metal and if you want the 12 GA metal it will be an up-charge based on the area and the size of the building. There are three things to consider then deciding whether to stick with the 14 GA or up grade to the 12 GA.

  1. The 12 GA is 30% thicker and stronger.
  2. The 12 GA has a 20 year rust warrantee.
  3. It is HIGHLY recommended if you are in an area that gets heavy snow fall.

With all of that in mind if you are ready to customize a structure to fit your needs use our selection of metal buildings and find what best suits your needs. If you get stuck do not worry, just give us a call at (855) 227-7678. We are ready and fully staffed with a highly qualified sales team and trained engineers to assist you in any way.

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