Which Metal Building Roof Should You Choose: Regular or A-Frame?

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Which Metal Building Roof Should You Choose: Regular or A-Frame?

The age-old debate. Pepsi or Coke, paper or plastic, Regular or A-frame? We can’t help you with your choice of beverage or the checkout at the local grocery store, but we can help you decide which metal building roof you want. Some of our customers chalk it up to aesthetics, and that’s a fine way to decide. The draw of metal buildings is by in large their ability to be customized for utilitarian and visual reasons. Others, need a little more to sway themselves. That’s where we come in with this helpful article on how to decide between the two, Regular or A-frame metal building roofs.

The Regular Metal Building Roof

Metal Building Garage Storage System

The Regular Roof is a common choice, as it’s simple design is familiar and goes with most properties. It’s also our most affordable option, but lacks nothing in quality and strength of steel. The curved roof depicted above is reliable, and the longevity is just under the boxed-eave and a-frame roof models. That is to say, several decades with little to no maintenance! The downfall of regular roofs is intrinsic to the design and engineering. With the orientation of the steel panels being front to back instead of left to right, then the natural gravity of leaves and rain isn’t as convenient. This can lead to some build up. However with our metal buildings there are no gutters, so your leaves will fall off inevitably. Just not as quickly and perhaps not in the place you wanted them to be.  But, you’re sacrificing considerable cost for some inconveniences when it comes to rain, snow, leaves, and debris.

The Boxed-Eave Metal Building Roof


22 x 36 two car steel garage

The Boxed-Eave Metal Roof Building depicted above has it’s doors installed on the side. Nevertheless, notice the orientation of the panels going from front to back the same as the Regular roof. The angles of the roof are straight, and no curves are used. This is mostly an aesthetic choice, but the A-frame roof requires more precision cutting of steel. This drives the price up slightly, but the premium design and extra work involved justify the minuscule extra the Boxed-Eave costs. Ultimately, the Boxed-Eave choice is your personal preference over the Regular roof. Both can can be certified to the same wind speeds, and all buildings are built to local codes and loadings.

The Vertical Metal Building Roof

Vertical Metal Roof Building

The Vertical Metal Building Roof is one of our most premium options. The steel paneling is oriented from side to side, and as a result requires a hat channel. The hat channel is supportive steel attached to the panels in order to make sure they’re stable and actually have something to attach to. This is the reason for Vertical Metal Building being the most expensive option for metal building roofs. Vertical Roofs are the strongest out of the three options, but as mentioned above every building from Elephant Structures can be certified. The Vertical Roof is also our most popular aesthetic choice as well, but many customers prefer others for separate reasons.

Whatever choice you go with, it’s possible to customize your building endlessly. Elephant is in the business of giving the customers what they want at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. We design carports for every customer, including purchasing options that allow everyone to have an entry point.

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