Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

Protect yourself and your car with a winter vehicle emergency kit and one of our metal garages!

Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

As winter arrives, so too does the threat of dangerous and unpredictable weather. Many motorists will choose to stay at home to avoid hazardous roads altogether. Others will brave the treacherous roads and interstates, confident that they can safely navigate the poor conditions. Either way, preparing for the worst and taking every possible precaution can make getting home safely that much easier. Aside from protecting your car with one of our metal garages, taking the time to assemble and organize emergency supplies is one of the best ways to stay vigilant. Knowing what to have at hand and when to use it can make dealing with winter weather a lot less stressful.

  • Kitty Litter – cheap and readily available, cat litter is one of the best ways to free your car when navigating icy and snowy roads. To gain traction, simply spread the litter around your tires and in the direction you plan on traveling. The abrasion from the litter pellets and the road beneath allow your tires to find grip rather than spinning aimlessly.
  • Tire Chains – similar to the kitty litter, these are designed to help your car gain traction by providing a medium between your tires and the icy road beneath. Tire chains are sold in specific sizes to accommodate all types and sizes of tires. They are an effective way of maintaining a grip on the road surface, greatly diminishing the risk of your vehicle losing control.
  • Road Flares – in the event of an accident or stranding, having working road flares can make a world of difference. Heavy snowstorms greatly reduce visibility, making it hard for motorists to see lane markers and other things (namely, other vehicles and motorists on the side of the road). Deploying a road flare during an emergency ensures that other drivers will see and avoid you, and it is also a great way to attract attention from first responders and others that may be able to assist you.
  • Flashlight – just like the road flares, having a flashlight increases the odds that other drivers will notice you during poor weather. It is also helpful in assessing the condition of your vehicle and your surroundings.
  • Ropes and Chains – in the event that you lose control of your vehicle during winter weather, having a set of chains or ropes handy will make freeing your car a much quicker and easier.
  • Hand Warmers, Blankets, and Dry Clothes – if you become lost or stranded as a result of poor weather conditions, staying warm and dry is the easiest way to stay healthy. Frostbite and hypothermia are a legitimate threat during winter storms. However, they can be very easily avoided by simply being prepared.
  • Additional Weight – clearly, one of the biggest challenges you will face while driving in winter weather is a lack of traction. Adding additional weight over the axles of your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to combat this. Just filling up your gas tank or using sandbags is an easy way to do this. Additional weight can make a big improvement to the handling of your car on slick surfaces.

Metal Garages from Elephant Structures

The harsh and uncertain conditions that many motorists face during winter storms can be the stuff of nightmares. However, preparing for the worst is the easiest way to have the best possible outcome. While staying safe on the road is one thing, it is also important to protect your car while it is parked. An investment in one of our metal garages or buildings from Elephant Structures is the best way to keep your vehicle secure and hidden away from the worst of Old Man Winter. All of our metal garages are made with high-quality steel right here in America. They are built to last for generations and can be customized to fit any need.

When it comes to staying safe during the winter, you can never prepare enough. Creating your own winter vehicle emergency kit and protecting your car with one of our metal garages is the best way to avoid the stress of winter traveling. Check out our selection or call us today to begin designing your own custom metal building from Elephant Structures.

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