Let Elephant Structures Help You Design Your Zombie Bug Out Shelter!

zombie face outside the window of a bug out shelter

Let Elephant Structures Help You Design Your Zombie Bug Out Shelter!

Far from you in your slumber they roam the neighborhoods, heaving there hunger-pained cries into the early hours of the morning. You wake up and wipe the sleep from your eyes, nothing in particular pressing on your mind as you make your bed. You walk over to fridge and smile as the light turns on and you’re reminded of your solar powered generator on the roof. As you pull out a bottle of re-packaged boiled water you close the refrigerator and shuffle across the concrete floor to your bulletproof window and squint as the soft morning sunlight carries you awake. You lean your hand on the certified metal walls of your bug out shelter, taking a moment to appreciate the extra bracing and expert engineering of your metal structure. You gulp down a refreshing swig of water as you stare out at the pines in the forest and imagine the zombie hordes dwindling in the streets. A thought comes into your mind as you look over to your sleeping family in their bunk beds and their pajamas. You smile.

I’m glad I went with Elephant Structures.

zombies stand in the war torn streets facing the camera or bug out shelter

Your Bug Out Shelter

Elephant Structures has built these “bug out” shelters-as their called-for many customers before. We take pride in the ability of our metal buildings to be customized even to the standards of preppers and survival enthusiasts. We prefer establishing a widely satisfied customer base over a dissatisfied one, so we’ve made it a point to establish a team of engineers capable of creating buildings for every possible occasion. From zombies to aliens, criminals to chaos, we’ve got you covered. We recommend placing your bug out shelter in an extremely well thought out place. You need to take into account the location of the zombies, or potential threat, and decide the possible weak points of your bug out shelter placement. Know the areas where the population will head in case of societal meltdown, and take into account the distance you’ll have to travel in order to get to your shelter.

One roll up garage door and one walk in.

Of course you’ll need to make sure you’ve got supplies and the ability to hunt if necessary in order to withstand the amount of time that the situation dictates. We’re probably preaching to the choir here, but it’s important to have water, non-perishables, and in the case of the zombie horde, weapons and ammunition. When reinforcing your metal structure, choose a concrete foundation as it will strengthen your installation considerably. Definitely go with certification, for wind speeds, snow loads, and general damage your structure will need to endure. On the subject of enduring, we offer a 20 year rust through warranty, because we know you want your building to last. Who knows, if the situation falls away and civilization re-emerges, you’ll probably be able to cash-in on that rust through warranty 20 years later if your building does rust through.

The Future of Bugging Out and Prepping Smart

If you’re worried that you might run into a situation where zombies have found your bug-out shelter and they’re attacking, we can install frame-outs of any size, that can be fitted with small latches for spots you can shoot from. Zombies aren’t intelligent, but they can be strong. You have no need to fear with Elephant Structures, as our buildings can be super-certified for the extremely serious prepper or survivalist. Ask your building advisor, or take a look at our plethora of options in order to establish which building would be best for you. For example, if you have a family you might want to opt for a metal barn with lean-to’s for separating resources and privacy.

If you’ve been watching the Walking Dead, and are starting to get worried about the encroaching zombie apocalypse, or if you’ve been getting interested in having an area to simply prepare with, we can find something to help you out. If you’re got a cursory knowledge about metal buildings and want to see what’s initially possible, check out our website builder in order to begin customizing your own building here. Tax season is here, and you might as well start investing that refund into something you’ll thank yourself later for!

Elephant Safe Rooms

If the positioning of your bug-out shelter is something you want to locate within your home, or at least very close to your home, Elephant offers solutions for that as well. Elephant Safe Rooms can give you several options for alternative bunkers or safe rooms, or even additions to your emergency plans. Preppers should know our underground bunkers can be ordered in large configurations. This allows for a stockpile of non-perishable food, water, and general amenities to be easily stored and lived alongside. Our storm shelters could save your life and possibly your heirlooms in many scenarios, not limited to home invasion, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms and general emergencies. We also have a blog there if you’re interested in learning a bit about safe rooms, the situations they can help with, and general safe room news. No zombie is ever breaking through our safe room walls, even if they’re enraged by some kind of militarized biological weapon!

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