Want to Increase the Value of Your Property? Add a Carport

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Want to Increase the Value of Your Property? Add a Carport

When looking for ways to increase property value, the focus is usually on things like bathroom beautification or kitchen remodeling. But whether you need to tackle these areas or not, one often overlooked addition (and one that doesn’t require quite so much effort) is a metal carport.

Of course, if simply adding any old carport was all that was needed to boost your home’s market value, everyone would be doing it. But here’s a tip: they’re not. So here’s what you can do differently to ensure your carport addition results with more money in your pocket.

Tip #1: Make Your Carport Sturdy

If you’re installing a brand-new metal carport to your property, you might be tempted to cut a few corners. Maybe you’re looking at squeezing it into a less than ideal part of the yard or are looking at cheaper building materials. Resist those notions; you might save on the installation, but a thorough inspection will reveal any potential flaws, thereby hurting your chances of a higher property value.

Don’t skimp on the construction — make sure your carport is on level ground (or if it’s on a slope, ensure it has the proper supports in place), and use sturdy materials that resist the effects of weather and rust. We recommend steel carports, as they are rugged and tough yet affordable.

If you already have a carport as part of your property, spruce it up like the rest of your home. Dust off any cobwebs, sweep it out, wash it — do whatever it takes to make it presentable. A crummy-looking carport won’t give off the appearance you’re looking for when you want to boost the value of your home. It’s worth it to put in the extra elbow grease!

Carports are versatile enough to store anything

Tip #2: Market it to a specific demographic.

Folks who are on the hunt for a new home are often looking for, well, a home. They’re looking for a property that can fulfill their vision of settling down in absolute happiness and bliss. Believe it or not, a carport can enhance this vision (with a little careful consideration, that is).

When putting your property on the market, think about not only who would want a metal carport, but what they’d potentially use it for.

If you’re looking to sell a family their “forever home,” furnishing your carport as an outdoor play or picnic area could help make your property more appealing. On the other hand, if you’re targeting retirees or other active adults who are searching for a summer home, you’ll want to accentuate your carport’s capability to work as an RV cover,  or as additional space to keep ATVs and bikes!  Live near a lake or the ocean? Show how they can use the carport as boat storage in the off season. Just think of all the ways the carport can complement the kinds of seasonal activities they’ll enjoy.

outdoor entertaining

You can also emphasize the indoor outdoor living possibilities with a carport. Have a nice clean seating area out under the carport with some soft music playing and people will be able to imagine entertaining their friends.

Not a marketing whiz? It’s okay — just do a little research about what kinds of recreational activities are popular in your town. Look up the ads in local newspapers or see what’s circulating on Facebook. Form some ideas about what’s trending and highlight your metal carport as the perfect complement to it.

Tip #3. Go big or go home.

It’s like they say: you have to spend some to earn some. Not everyone has a budget to make the type of home additions that will make prospective buyers stop in their home-hunting tracks. But the truth is that the more you spend on making your carport high quality, inspired, and relevant to your buyers’ interests, the better your chances of attracting the type of people who will see the true value of your property.

Want to see a few examples? Check out some inspired custom steel structures here.

No one likes learning their house is worth less than they think it deserves. A metal carport that’s added for the right reasons and with the right installation and construction can enhance your home in ways that will shock even your realtor. Take our tips to heart and increase your property value with a carport — happy selling!

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