Protect yourself with a garage from Elephant Structures!

Protect yourself with a garage from Elephant Structures!

Your looney neighbor thinks you work for the CIA, now what?

It’s 3 a.m. and the sensor light in your driveway activates. You drag yourself from blissful sleep to check the window. As you push the curtain back, you immediately lock eyes with your neighbor in a tin foil hat and sunglasses. It takes a moment for both of you to assess the situation. Your mouth hangs open in disbelief, and as you glance down at his hands you see a microphone and a video camera. He’s bugging your car. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “We should probably move.” Unless, maybe…you do work for the CIA. If so, could you leave a comment below on the truth about Bigfoot? Thanks. But if you’re not privy to top tier classified information, don’t pack up and leave town just yet.

Protect your valuables from your looney neighbor with a metal garage from Elephant Structures.

“The Illuminati hides my TV remote to make me watch commercials with subliminal messages in them.” – Looney Neighbor


Garage and Metal Building Protection by Elephant Structures

Whether it’s crazy neighbors, the local wildlife, or mother nature, Elephant Structures can help you protect your vehicle from all of them. Our garages are built out of quality american made steel, and are highly customizable. The end walls can be half enclosed, left open, or done in sectioned panels. Whatever your storage needs are, Elephant Structures can meet. We offer a wide range of sizes, and if you’re consider purchasing a commercial building, please call in and speak with a building advisor. We will install on almost any surface, and installation and delivery are free! Make the smart move, not the fastest one, consider purchasing a building from Elephant Structures today.



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