Barns, Agriculture, and a Very Warm Spring

metal barns and agriculture

Barns, Agriculture, and a Very Warm Spring

With such an uncertain year ahead in agriculture and farming, why not make a safe investment with one of our custom metal barns?

The start of the 2017 year has been marked by some of the warmest temperatures in history. The month of February saw countless records broken all across the country. Chicago and Minneapolis saw virtually no snowfall and several cities have just recorded the hottest February on record. California has been dealing with torrential rainfall, and the East coast is experiencing a very early Spring.

With such a mild winter, very few people have stopped to think about what this weather might mean for animals and plants this year. Many trees and shrubs are already budding and are at risk if another cold spell were to force temperatures down. While an early bloom may be a welcome site for some, farmers and agriculture experts are both excited and weary of the coming summer.

A Great Start to the Year

One example comes to us out of Nebraska, where unseasonable warm conditions have had an impact on many regional farms. Some ranchers and farm owners are saying that this has been the best calving season they have ever seen. They are attributing it to beautiful warm weather and reasonably dry conditions. One farmer said that part of the reason warmer weather is good for calves is because it lowers the chance that they could die from cold weather-related illnesses and conditions.

There are, however, a few potential downsides to this warm and dry weather so early in the year.

Worst Case Scenario?

Some farmers claim that a warm, early spring could mean a drier climate in the future and a tremendously bad year for agriculture. Fruit farmers can also see problems thanks to the warm weather. Fruit trees are already beginning to bud in many parts of the country that have experienced these high temperatures. With buds coming in so early, it could mean that produce will not mature or ripen in the correct timeframe, which could leave farmers without a vendor for their produce. Lots of variables are at play in farming, which could lead to disaster if even one goes awry.

Find Stability with Elephant Barns

Lots of things can go wrong when it comes to producing crops and cattle. Making a safe and affordable investment can help bring stability to your farm and protect your cattle, equipment, and supplies from the worst of Mother Nature. We offer a variety of custom metal buildings , including barns, carports, garages, workshops, and shelters so that you can find the building that will best fit your needs. For more information and to schedule and on-site consultation, explore our website or call one of our expert representatives. You can also check out our photo gallery to see all of our barns and to find inspiration for your own custom metal buildings and barns.

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