Level Building Site

Is your building site level?

Level Building Site

Do you have a level building site or does it need to be leveled? You are going through your check list to make sure you have everything lined up to get your new metal structure. You have your order placed, your building permit pulled, and payment ready to go. Now what? In order for our installers […]
Two roll up garage doors on the front end of a metal building and one walk in door.

Building Permits and Certifications

What are Building Permits and Certifications? Why are they Important? Some cities and states require you to have a building permit before you can build an additional structure on your land to ensure that it meets certain codes and regulations. To find out if your state or town requires a permit visit your local Permitting Office. […]

Which Gauge is Better?

What is a metal gauge and what is the difference? A gauge is a measurement of the thickness, size, or capacity of something. In regards to a metal building when gauge is mentioned it is talking about the structural tubing. A metal building is made almost entirely of tubing. The only part of the building […]

Winter Weather Protection

“Get the milk, get the bread, get the toilet paper, it’s gonna snow!” Now that fall is coming to an end and winter weather is quickly approaching has this saying come across your mind? In the winter months it is not only crucial to protect and prepare your pantry and family but also your farm […]

Metal Carport Boat Storage

Metal Carports for Boat Storage It is time to trade in the swim suit for a ski coat! While you are preparing to protect yourself from the harsh winter weather it is also good to prepare your boat for the same conditions. If you love a lazy day on the lake relaxing or fishing you know […]

Extra Wide Structure

Are you needing an extra wide structure? Then Elephant Structures is the place to go! Elephant Structures offers buildings up to 60 feet long and 40 feet wide! This size of a building could be used for a number of things; such as, a gymnasium, manufacturing facility, storage buildings, or even sport centers, the list goes […]
Two car garage with two roll up garage doors and one walk in all on the side.

Metal Carports, The Supreme Protection

Metal carports are light and portable structures that are ideal for the protection of your cars, trucks, and boats. Don’t think that because these structures are light and portable that means they are flimsy and cheap. In fact, we provide the exact opposite! Our metal carports are designed and engineered with strength and durability in […]
Ridgeline style barn with two fully enclosed lean to's.

How I Learned to Love the Barn

Ok, so there’s no reason to hate a barn, but… If you live in the country, like me, you probably drove past an old wooden barn on the way to work. Where I live, there’s a decrepit barn situated right on a curve. Here in the mountains, we’re used to curved roads. But this curve happens to […]
Three roll up garage doors on the front of a steel building used for storage, and an extra lean to on the side.

Photo Contest

We are rolling out with the carport photo contest this week. For the next 40 days you will have a chance at winning 500 dollars! All you have to do is share a photo of your Elephant Structures Metal Building and give a short testimonial about why you love your building. If you receive the […]
County barn with one roll up garage door and one walk in on the side.

Custom Metal Garage

If you are in the market for a custom metal garage, then look no further! Here at Elephant Structures, our buildings are built for strength and durability. Perfect for any type of weather, they will protect your equipment or vehicles all year round. Each of our custom metal garages are built according to the customer’s […]