Nine Benefits to Carports and Owning One

Utility shed carport with roll up garage door and walk in.

Nine Benefits to Carports and Owning One

Frank Lloyd Wright really invented carports, but Elephant Structures perfected them. We have the top of the line structures in the business, with more customization options for our building than anything else. Custom carports are quickly becoming the number one solution for extra storage on property in the United States. There are many reasons why, […]
Protect your vehicle from hail with one of our metal shelters.

Metal Shelters and Hailstorm Damage

The average price for a new car in the United States is now beginning to exceed $30,000. With such a high price tag, more and more Americans are getting serious about protecting their vehicles. While driving safely and performing routine maintenance is one thing, where you park your car is just as important. Parking under […]
Money is saved buying a used carport in the short term

Which To Choose: Used or New Carports

The carport market is plentiful, and the options are immense. When it comes to purchasing a carport, you have to consider your needs and qualifications above all else. In this regard, Elephant excels. We offer a wide variety of carports with a nearly endless array of customization options for carports, garages, metal storage buildings, and […]

Business Booms in Metal Buildings

How Small Businesses Can Save Money With Metal Buildings Here at Elephant Structures, we take pride in the immense versatility and customization options that our steel buildings offer. From equipment and vehicle storage to equestrian and farm use, the utilization possibilities are endless. Recently, we discussed the benefits of purchasing a metal building for small business use. In […]
Airplane flying off into space

Where Did Carports Come From?

Frank Lloyd Wright and American Tradition We’ve been in the Carport business for 37 years, so we’ve become a piece of carport history just by being in the business. Carport’s actually go back a bit farther than us. In fact, the man that coined the term was Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian vision […]
Steel building garage tiny home from the exterior.

Economical Tiny Home Designed From a Pre-engineered Metal Building

Tiny Homes Tiny homes are a movement that lasted a lot longer than most of us expected. It seems the crash of the housing market combined with the desire to live more simply has given people an opportunity to question what they really need. Tiny homes have gone through a myriad of changes and improvements, […]
Selecting concrete garage floor paint colors.

The Best Paints For Concrete Garage Floors

Garage Floor Covering When deciding what type of flooring to use in your new garage, there are several garage flooring ideas. Some people prefer vinyl, others may prefer carpet, but the most reasonable choice is usually concrete. Concrete garage flooring is easy to clean when there’s a spill, and you won’t have to worry about […]
Ridgeline style barn with two fully enclosed lean to's.

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Metal Building

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Metal Building When deciding what material to build your next building/project with there are quite a bit of factors that come into play. However, when making that decision, metal buildings seem to have the most upside potential. Listed below are our top ten reasons why your next building should […]
Beach goers on a crystal clear beach run back and forth

The Summer Sun

On The Horizon The Warm Red Rises When the frost begins to melt at the arrival of Spring, the anticipation of Summer sets in. It seems that for most of us that spring is a placeholder for Summer. Fall and Autumn both have their great themes written and sang about all through history, as well […]

Protect yourself with a garage from Elephant Structures!

Your looney neighbor thinks you work for the CIA, now what? It’s 3 a.m. and the sensor light in your driveway activates. You drag yourself from blissful sleep to check the window. As you push the curtain back, you immediately lock eyes with your neighbor in a tin foil hat and sunglasses. It takes a […]